What’s GRAVR?

Your Gravr is a personalized profile that follows you from one VR experience to the next, always adjusting your environment according to your individual pre-set preferences while you are immersed in virtual space.

A globally recognized avatar for VR on the web.
The first and only platform for virtual reality that is built for users to receive the most personalized experience possible and for developers & experience designers to truly understand their users.

Empowering WebXR/WebVR

GRAVR is creating a standardized platform to defragment immersion(VR) for the device-agnostic web. Users can specify and manage their inputs, controllers, headsets and other VR hardware to receive an optimized performance and quality experience.

Defragment VR

GRAVR For Developers

Based on Masahiro Mori's original conception of Bukimi no Tani (The Uncanny Valley, Energy 1970), the GRAVR API is providing VR developers with datasets (anonymized to protect the user’s identity) as a progressive step out of the immersion-breaking trap of fake realism.

Uncanny Valley by Masahiro Mori

GRAVR For Users

Decades of presence research states that one of the users highest priorities is the representation of their own body in virtual reality. GRAVR's premise is to match the users expectations of their agency in being represented in virtual space. GRAVR not only uses real live measurements of your physical self but also provides you with sets of preferences and variables that make the use of VR more comfortable.

Embodied Presence for WebVR
A piece of the metaverse!
Fabien Bénétou (@utopiah), WebVR developer, France/Belgium


What is a Metaverse

The “Metaverse” is a shared, collaborative and open-ended online virtual reality space, consisting in a collective of immersive virtual worlds. The term was first coined in Neal Stephenson's novel “Snow Crash” (1992) and is described as console-based platform “OASIS” in Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One (2011).

Several contenders are attempting to build and standardize the VR metaverse. The most prominent are the experimental VR internet API named WebVR, Philip Rosedale’s High Fidelity, Linden Lab’s separate Project Sansar, Facebook Spaces, high Roblox and others.

WebXR Device API (WebVR 2.0) is an open standard JavaScript API for creating device independent immersive 3D Virtual Reality experiences in your browser.

Is GRAVR an avatar builder?

No, not initially. There are many great avatar builders online that do a decent job of providing you with a tool to create a three dimensional model of yourself. We provide you with the space to upload your 3D model to our platform. GRAVR's goal is to set the correct dimensions of your virtual embodiment in sync with your actual physical representation in real life.

Is GRAVR a social network?

NO. GRAVRs focus is to create a platform for the user to customize and modify preferences that make visiting VR apps personalized and comfortable. We believe that you don't need to be part of a social network ecosystem to enjoy social VR experiences.

Is my content secure and private?

Yes. GRAVR uses OAuth 2.0 to secure your data and to put you in charge of the information that is being shared when entering a VR experience.

Who owns my content

You own your content you can update, edit or delete your account anytime.

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